Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sanitary napkin- partner theory.

1. You hit puberty, first period! All bloody for the first time..Usually, your mother will be the first to pass you some sanitary napkins.. Probably the brand she's accustomed to cause she knows the brand in and out.

Like how your mother have a goodie good feeling about a guy and wants to introduce him to you cause she thought she knew him well enough. She THOUGHT.


2. When you use a particular brand, and gets comfortable with it. Ignore other brands available in the market. Don't even bother to try or look for other.. Just reach for the same damn sanitary pads on the shelves, EVERY SINGLE TIME. So loyal. Apparently!

It's like how you get to know a guy, be in a relationship and got used to the whole idea and just sticks your butt around him. Nothing else matters. No other guy is as appealing as the one you are with.. So loyal.


3. The fact remains, there are other brands out there.

Never try, never know!
Either that or like a friend of mine quoted, "You've given up on life." :D

C h e e r up!
And don't take what I said seriously! :D

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