Monday, August 1, 2016

Gunung Datuk, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan

The plan to go JB for a short weekend break fall short.
I joined my ever-so-loving friends to hike on a Sunday instead.

It's about a quarter over an hour drive from KL toll. Exiting Pedas Linggi toll, you'll have to brace through tiny trunk roads to reach the base of Hutan Lipur Gunung Datuk. I'm just kidding, it's not tiny.. quite big for a small town in fact!

As with all other hikes, always prefer the morning! Not that early to catch sunrise kind of early (Ok, maybe once in a while), just not facing the scorching hot sun kind of early to avoid sun burn and stuffiness in case it's a long hike. Just a good amount of vitamin D for me!

I am not sure if we're too early but it is certainly not as crowded as Bukit Kutu, thank goodness!
Started around 7.20am for the day.

An hour and a half hike up, depending on your stamina, I think MJ and May Hwa reached the peak slightly over an hour only.
90% of the time you are training your thigh muscles! Ascending 90%, flat land maybe <10%. Pwoarrrr!

I was pretty much alone after awhile cause the two energizers hopped through all the way :D while the others were a little behind.

At one point, as the sound of nature (more of crickets and birds) got louder, I hear thumping sounds ringing in my ears! I thought someone was pacing and running up! Turn around, nopeeeeee! NOBODY!

That sound wasn't going away, wasn't tuning down.. was there and it felt like eternity!
thump thump thump thump
Then, I held my hand on my chest thinking..

Oh crap! It's my own heart beat! -___-
For the first time, I can literally hear my heartbeats ringing in my ears! It's either cause it was too quiet or my heart was working extra hard! :D But anyhow, it was pretty interesting albeit scary.
Sounded like it was going to pop out any minute and nobody was around!
Sounded like I was in sync with nature too, listening to sweet nothings of my heart beats.

But it got annoying after awhile I wished it would stop! not stop beating.. just stop playing drums in my ears.
Reached the peak.. yadaaa yadaaa yadaaa..
Oh there are flights of ladder you'll need to climb to get onto the rocks at the peak. Not to worry, practice climbing ladders at home first :p No, don't do that!

Got up the peak with May showing me this awesome photo of MJ and herself!

The many reasons why if you were to go in a group for an outing, put on colourful clothings!
If your face can't make up for the photo, least the colours will! I don't mean it in an ill way, in case you were thinking about it!
I mean we'll all be sweaty, sticky and not with our best appearances.. (If that occasion involves perspiration, yeah)
Plus, colours make people happy and smile in glee! :)

At 2900ft peak

Met new people too! I must say I'm very bad with names, especially chinese names.. and chinese pronounciations but it shall get better with a little hardwork in learning them well!

Overall, it wasn't a crazy kick-ass hike but a good work out. The view was incomparable to our backyard at Taman Melawati :p I would love to do it more often but maybe doing that little makes me learn and appreciate more instead.

Maybe that's why sometimes they say less is more.

Sepet v1.0

Where to go for a weekend hike?

Entrance fee: RM5 per person. No guide (don't need one either)
Pretty steep for a toilet that irks the eyes.
Could do a better job, I'm sure! Hmph!

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