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Gunung Rinjani-Lombok Trip 2017 (Part 2)

Trailing from where I stopped.

We were fed with a hearty meals at our porters' residence at the end of our hike. Satisfying!
The week in Lombok is easily the week I had most Teh-O panas without sugar. Mild in taste but hot enough to keep our bodies warm. On the other hand, Mar Jie who tried their coffee said it's sandy and difficult to accept on the palate while Sophia liked it. You should try it yourself! :D It's as 'gao' as the kopi-o you get at kopitiams here I reckon.

Reached our guesthouse after sun set and reminded the guides to make sure the owners won't turn the tank tap off for the night! Needed to wash up thoroughly ^__^

Chilled at the common area at night before bedtime as per previous entry. Conversations were made and we got to know some local delights that we could try at the village area!
Berum (their rice win-either bitter/sweet) and some fungi out of the soil.
They too have tuak (mixture of ingredients, not rice only) and I forgot what's the other one! Oh gosh.
It was a funnnnn night! A night where most of us sat around and got to know each other a little better.
:D We couldn't do it over the hiking days cause the only place to rest is in the tent itself.

Departed to our next destination in the morning. Gili Trawangan. We took the fast boat from the pick-up point at the main island after a short brunch. It's easily accessible as there is a legit office whereby you could purchase your ticket from. Don't have to waste your time to get a good bargain with the locals, it's fairly affordable.

Just get your ticket from the office and off you go!

Been to that island during the previous trip as an island hopping spot, but that's not good enough!
You need to stay there. It's where the life of the island is! Not the main island, not the town, not the southern part (for the time being).
Thus, if you like to go to a happening part of Lombok, it's here in present time!
Something like Krabi/Phuket to describe.

As we reached late in the afternoon, there's not much time for beach activities.. We gathered only after a short rest due to a heavy downpour upon checking in. Walked to the infamous sun set point while cleansing our eyes :D

Note: The photos on the swing that you see a lot when you google image, you don't need to queue for one okay? We were doinks and did just that.. You shall walk further up, there's a few of them there.. Silhouette sunset photo? Yes, you can get them fine!

Mar Jie, me, Pick Yee, Jason, Sophia, Way Kit, Han Wei, Kah Heng, Lulu, Poh  Yee, Randa, Ing
Tadaaaa... the missing ones were busy shopping!
Colours, okay next time more colourssssss...
Sunset Point. Sun behind the camera :D
Stayed there till night falls and visited the mini night market for dinner. Grilled seafood galore you could savour on. If not, try a plate of their local mixed rice. Hit the right spot in the tummy!

The night ended pretty early for me after a few rounds of Berum at the common area back at the guesthouse, Sunset Lambung. It's probably best to sip it slow and make sure it's served chilled. Have it easy if not you'll end up going to bed early.
They played games ALL NIGHT LONG! roar.

Oh! Oh!! We were supposed to spend the last night at Mataram Town, thankfully our guides accommodated and changed the plan for us after majority voted to stay on the island wee bit longer. Of course, that happened back when we were at the base of Rinjani. Plan ahead to make it easier for the guides to make necessary arrangements.

Spent the 2nd day on a short snorkeling trip. We visited three snorkeling spots before stopping by Gili Air for lunch. It's more reserved and quiet at Gili Air. A good place to hang out for a short while. Tranquility with quality food on the table! I did note short while, okay? ^__^

I can't recall the other two points, but Turtle Point was definitely in the schedule. A few of them chased after the turtle in the water! Damnnnn... It was a so close yet so far experience for me unfortunately.
The snorkeling guide had to push me to see the turtle from afar when I was already in bad shape cause the snorkel gear wasn't functioning well... Pfft.. potong stim when I was there trying my best to breathe evenly! It broke when I was trying to tighten the strap cause water keep seeping in.
Moral of the story: Check your gear once you're in water(no matter how many times you've jumped into the sea at other spots) Once you swim further away, the boat might be just a little too far to reach. Had it fixed mid-sea by the guide but it wasn't a good fit. pffft...

Sharon has a really nice video on the turtle close up! So beautiful and demure, unsure of gender STILL!!!

By the way, I am so excited to announce that I was happy throughout the boat trip! NO MOTION SICKNESS.
All hail Veloxin! Thank you Lulu for providing them.
For the first time ever, I could stand and move around the floating boat. I didn't have the urge to be one of the first to jump into the sea and last to climb onto the boat.
For the first time, I felt good.
I know how it feels like to not experience giddiness or nausea in the rough sea while staying awake. Not too rough okay. ^_^
Novomin is too drowsy to the point that I could fall asleep in boat rides but this is just fine. I'll bring it with me forever :D

No photos for this part. Busy enjoying my fun time!

The whole snorkeling trip lasted till 2pm. A 5 hours trip covering three spots, pretty good deal.
It'll be too exhausting if it lasted longer anyway!

We got off the boat and swayed to the stalls to get ourselves bicycles.
Note: Do rent a bicycle to cycle around the island if you're there for at least two days.
Do it when the time draws near sunset, around 6pm. Your ride will be filled with an amazing nature touch! If not you could opt to stroll around on foot anyway. Maybe could cover the whole island in 2 hours.

Han Wei, Jason and I. Thank you for giving me bicycle ride.
Parted from the group earlier but had Han Wei to join us later in the evening
What a beautiful evening it was.
If it's possible, avoid riding on cimodo. I saw how they were treated and instantly felt bad that I went on one during my previous trip at Mataram itself :(

We splurged on street food at night, mainly bakso and soto ayam. Walk around and you'll see a few stalls selling them. Some are tastier than the others.. If you bump into one that you like, I encourage you to go for TWO BOWLS! :D
When you pass by stalls selling corns, you'll indulge in them too! The smell of burnt corn... ahh.....

It was our last night on the island and Lombok itself, most of us decided to enjoy the night out. We spent the first part of the night at the guesthouse to consume the last bit of Berum and then, headed out to the happening bars.

The game where all sort of sentences were form till one fail to repeat.
Sentences don't make sense? It's perfectly fine.
Innerself lai liao!

Don't know the name, don't worry. Just walk along the shops by the beach and you'll bump into some that's at least almost full house. As early as 10pm. Don't need no fancy clothes. One bar close? Just hop to another after the last bit of the music.
Danced, drank our night away and the rest is as they said, history.

Last photo of the night. Pizza before bedtime slurrrps!
It's okay even if you're flying off the next morning. That's your recovery period.
Sleep while travelling! ^__^

Spent the next day travelling back to where my heart is, HOME.

I wanna thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to crawl out of my shell, and am grateful for all the help offered. Be it to carry my bag or just a question on hows my blister. Drama much. Sobs.

I take everything to my heart and I must say I enjoyed my trip because of you guys!
Little details make me smile inside.

Thank you, Randa, for being such a dear guide nursing my wound. I couldn't look at it myself.
:D Thank you for all the effort in trying to minimise the pain I feel. HAHHAHA.


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